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Scumdance Film Festival 2019

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Your favorite film about a killer space llama that attacks a house party in Ohio. Prepare yourself for the wooly terror of Llamageddon.


Howie Dewin, Jacques M. Felin, Pinki Brainweis, L. Lean Burnside, E.B. Buxxner, Richard Cymbals, Leona L. Dandee, Mary Haddilam, Gooch Jesco III, Sunshine Phoenix, John Selmy, Aaron O.O. Shanson, Erin Stacy, Chet Steadman, and Luis the llama.



"Maybe watching the movie itself is enough to activate some hidden signal or message and trigger a literal llama apocalypse."

Screen Geek

"God dammit. They got me, didn’t they?"

Bloody Disgusting

"Bar far the most awarded and aclaimed movie I have never seen in the horror category on Amazon's Video service."

Amazon Customer Review

"There’s something coming that could change the world as we know it. Brace yourselves for Llamageddon!!!!"

Dread Central

"Llamageddon, the best damn killer llama movie ever made."

Scare Tissue

"F**king llamas that shoot laser beams out of their eyes! What really more needs to be said."

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